Writing at Lisa Dahl’s studio at Snug Harbor for an Artist Residency in Motherhood.



Writers. They’re everywhere in New York City, right? I grew up in Brooklyn. I know. When I moved to Staten Island in 2014, I knew they had to be around—but we don’t have as many cafes or bookstores here (yet) so I started this radio show to find them.

Mary Gannon. Kevin Larimer. Eddie Joyce. Rob Hart. Marguerite Maria Rivas. Alex Gilvarry. Thomas Fucaloro. Jen Fitzgerald. The list goes on. People whose work you admire and people you’ve never heard of who light me up with their words. They’re all here.

Cut + Paste is a two-hour online radio show that streams live on makerparkradio.nyc and is archived there and on this site. We talk for about an hour and a half, and then we listen to music selected by my guest. The show airs once a month or so. Not every writer is from the rock but I like to keep the focus here when I can.

This show would not exist without Maker Park Radio. Please support the station.

Oh, but you wanted to know about me?! Well, my name is Stella Fiore. I’m writing a novel set in Florence and New York. I run communications for the Heckscher Foundation for Children. And I really love living in the forgotten borough of the greatest city in the world.